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The satrapies formed a system which made it possible to rule over the whole Achaemenid territory, to raise and forward taxes, to recruit military forces, and to control local bureaucracies. 139), in archives (e.g., Hallock; Stolper, 1990; Koch), and on coins (e.g., Alram, pp. From the viewpoint of literary history it is an insertion from another genre, the epic, and is to be evaluated accordingly (Armayor). 255-57), this is no surprise, since that research throws ever more sharply into relief the way in which the fashioning of material is a decisive component in Herodotus’s historical work (Bichler and Rollinger, pp. The catalogue of Herodotus is as incompatible with the lists of the Achaemenid inscriptions as with those of the Alexander historians or with the numerous attestations of the Greek and Latin authors. These vary in reliability, but, taken together, they do allow reconstructing the empire’s divisions at Babylon and Triparadisus (Jacobs, 1994, pp. As a result, a very considerable degree of continuity is detectable from the time of Darius III (r. He either retained in their posts the officials he came upon or replaced them with people who enjoyed his trust. 87), and even quite recently Pierre Lecoq (1990) has tried to provide this interpretation with a philological foundation. 299-305) with, at most, 23 items and the list in XPh with 32 are at odds with the observation that the empire’s territory remained substantially unchanged. The conclusion was drawn that the lists were more or less incomplete, especially in view of the omission of names that were regarded as indispensible, such as Cilicia, Hellespontine Phrygia, and Syria (Krumbholz, p. If some names were nevertheless added in later inscriptions, it was to foster the illusion that, now as before, the rulers were augmenting their territorial property, although the process of extending the frontiers had been stagnating since the last decade of the 6th century BCE.Dealing with crises and uprisings was also the responsibility of satraps, as was defense against external threats. In the light of recent research on Herodotus (for summaries, see Bichler and Rollinger, pp. In the course of his campaign we can therefore detect a kind of staffing schedule of late-Achaemenid satrapal administration (Jacobs, 1994, pp. But this interpretation can now be regarded as definitively refuted, because OP - stands for territorial units (Schmitt, 1977, pp. Similarly in pictorial versions of these lists, where individual are represented by a delegation or the figure of a throne-bearer, the number of those involved also varies considerably (Calmeyer, pp. Among the names added after Bisitun those which do represent a real gain of territory need to be isolated with care.

These structures in turn determined the hierarchical construction of the satrapal system which, remaining essentially unchanged, proved a successful instrument of administration throughout the entire Achaemenid period. A direct continuity is thus established between late Achaemenid times and the era of the Diadochi, and, conversely, the staffing schedule of Alexander’s time is largely valid at least for late Achaemenid times. Herodotus’s suggestion that peoples were the constituent elements of the satrapies has led to the idea that the Achaemenids understood their empire as the sum of its peoples and did not define it territorially. 485-465), is well documented (on the dating of inscriptions with lists, see Sancisi-Weerdenburg, 2001, pp. 327-31): After 515 the inscriptions register a newly acquired province in the shape of the lower Indus valley (Hinduš), and after 512 they add the three provinces Thrace (Skudra), Libya (Putāyā), and Nubia (Kūšiyā), yet there are no extant lists from the periods in which, for example, the Thracian possessions, parts of Ionia, or even Egypt had been lost. Those who give precedence to the Herodotean list are bound to take an entirely different historical approach from those who prefer the OP lists of countries.Days after a building worker questioned Muslim store clerk Mohammad Faisal about washing his feet in the men's toilet at a Sydney officer building, this cartoon was stuck on the men's room door, depicting a cartoon man washing his feet in the sink with a 'banned' slash through the image The sign is stuck to the door of the men's toilet in the CBD office block which is used my Muslim workers to wash their feet in the required ablution before their five daily prayers to Allah, a practice which apparently offended the man who put up the cartoon Mohammad Faisal, a business student who works 20 hours a week in the convenience store, told Daily Mail Australia that Dhuhr and Asr - two of the five daily prayers required by his religion - fall during his 10am to 4pm shift at the shop.The 26-year-old Pakistan native, who is studying in Australia to fulfill his late mother's dream, said earlier this week he went as usual to the first floor men's room to do his pre-prayer ablutions prior to Dhuhr, the prayer just before midday which currently falls at 11.52am.The central Minor Satrapy always gave its name to the Main Satrapy, and likewise the central Main Satrapy gave its name to the Great Satrapy.While offices in inferior units were hereditary within families and could even be held by local rulers—the latter arrangement being a feature of regulated autonomy (Jacobs, 1999)—the administrators of Great Satrapies were in each case newly appointed by the royal court; and such offices were probably without exception held by Achaemenid princes who did not reach the throne and by members of privileged families (Jacobs, 1994, pp. The old capitals—Sardis, Babylon, Memphis, Ecbatana, Pasargadae, Bactra (see BACTRIA, in III, p.

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But even then there were voices that questioned the usefulness of the list (Krumbholz, 1883, pp. To document the extent of the empire completely, it would be quite sufficient to enumerate all provinces of one specific level of the administrative hierarchy.

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