Updating the bestiary the witcher

He gallops in out of thin air, appearing on your minimap as a little horse head icon.

You should be able to see the well, so make your way over until the next objective on your list is triggered.If you interact with the corpse now, you'll automatically set it on fire, which will in turn summon the noonwraith target you're after.This fight isn't too tricky at all, but if you want to make it even easier, make use of items like Moon Dust and Dimeritium Bombs and Specter Oil. Once you've kill the noonwraith, take all the items from the corpse and then head back to Odolan and explain what's happened. If you'd like a little extra back-story on this whole miserable business, go and visit Tomira the herbalist.Hover the pointer over the harbor you'd to travel to — harbors are represented by little, white anchor icons — and click on it. You can nudge the control stick at any time to change course (handy when you come to a crossroads) and then let go to let horse auto-pilot take over again.Summon Roach at any time and from virtually anywhere by giving a whistle (click L3 twice on a gamepad).

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