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HDMI CEC is enabled by default, which may not be the best idea, as it may confuse some people, who don’t understand why their TV will turn off when they turn off the box.The HDR10 option just enable and disable HDR support, something I cannot test since I’d need a new 4K UHD TV with high dynamic range support.There’s a row of icons with some common apps which can be deleted, added, and moved as required, and the last row included two settings app: ATV settings (Amlogic settings app) and Settings (Android settings), as well as Network, Quick Clean and Power icons.

I had a pretty bad first impression of Leanback launcher, as it included some “recommended” videos that I did not care at all for, including some with fairly disgusting thumbnails.

The screenshot above is for the older firmware, and it seems the company has now disabled recommendations and it just shows “Some recommendations are hidden. I’ll show how to enable/disable this a little later.

The new firmware also have some extra icons and different pre-installed apps.

Beside starting live TV automatically, we’ll see the later is perfectly usable as a launcher since you can access apps from it.

Which launcher would prefer depends on your main use case.

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