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He sought the young chief out again with a request: Dollis should write a new Indian song, something original, and they’d make a record.Davis was also a fan of keyboardist Willie Tee, who’d had several R&B hits — notably “Teasin’ You” — in the mid-’60s.After all, it isn’t called the “Cajun Music Capital of the World” for nothing.Cajun music traditionally orbits around a triptych of fiddle, accordion and triangle, with lyrics warbled in Cajun French or, occasionally, their English translation.“Rum’s on the rise across the board,” Tharp says, “and if you really are going to get into rum, you’ve got to go all the way.” She always stole my thunder. And anyone can tell you: She was, and still is, much prettier than me. Thousands of folks are gathered in Armstrong Park, and thousands more are lining the streets of the French Quarter. That rustic occasion was probably far less elegant than the masked ball held four years later in Mobile by the Societe de Saint Louis, a brand-new Carnival organization; the ball, in 1704, followed a more impromptu revel by a group of French soldiers in the city. Some parades throw rubber dog poops to their crowds. The King of Barkus is traditionally a purebred, with papers and lineage and all that fancy dog show stuff. The temporary emergency “shelters” back then were, in large part, death factories. Meredith was out in Acadiana helping with pet rescues when she spotted Biscuit on the euthanasia line. She had a soft, beautiful mane, the looks of a yellow Lab, a spirited disposition and the most magical eyes you’ll ever see. She taught me a long time ago when we used to cuddle ourselves to sleep together that life is bigger than me. Enter Cocktail & Sons, a New Orleans-based maker of sugar syrups designed for cocktails and developed by Max Messier and his wife and business partner, Lauren Myerscough.But this kind of pre-noon merriment isn’t just a Carnival-specific happening.

As master accordion maker and Cajun music expert Marc Savoy writes, “[Cajun music] is a people’s music that expresses…an entire cultural history. It makes no difference if the songs are in a language that the rest of the world can’t understand.

And in 1711, the first Mardi Gras parade rolled in Mobile.

Mobile’s venerable Carnival celebration now includes 72 mystic societies that parade, present debutantes, host balls, crown royalty or otherwise celebrate; some have been operating consistently since as far back as the 1830s.

Davis booked Tee, who would soon form the seminal New Orleans funk band the Gaturs, to play a show alongside Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias on Tulane’s campus.

Onstage, the traditional sound of Indian chants, drums and tambourines met electric soul music likely for the first time.

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