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I figured Beth and I had our differences, but I would still try to do her the courtesy of compromising to accommodate both of our room needs.

However, the next morning, as I was yawning through my chemistry test, I reflected back on the night before and how bold it was of Beth to make such a difficult request of me.

At the end of the day, you just have to know who you are and what you are comfortable living with.

They have naturally dark skin, and typically don’t require much makeup to bring out their beauty as they are exotic already in their own ways—from their curves to their sensationally sexy lips.That first night of sexile was the first in a string of many over the course of the next few months.Beth took complete advantage of my compliancy and began ousting me multiple nights per week—always between the hours of 11 p.m. Regardless of what tests or papers I had to complete, she never failed to message me for "room time." By late October, Rafi had all but moved into our dorm.As she was my first ever roommate, I wanted to do my best to ensure that we had a smooth and perhaps even amicable relationship.And for the first few weeks of classes, we succeeded. That day, she came home late, smiling coyly as she glided into the room and collapsed on her bed.

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