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Dispatching his thugs to the Metals Research Wing of the Wayne Foundation, his crew tries to steal the rare light-weight beryllium stored inside.

Barbara zips into her yellow and purple Batgirl getup and zooms off on the Batgirlcycle to save the precious metal.

The episode also reveals the mod Batgirlcycle in a secret freight elevator.

Pengy tries to enact his plan to marry Barbara Gordon to give himself immunity for his crimes as the Commish's son-in-law but ultimately fails.

In my opinion, three karate chops, and you’ve lost your femininity.Olga traps Batgirl in her icehouse hideout and gets her to perform a bondaged saber Bat-dance with her hands tied, then tosses her into a giant ice kettle just as Batman and Robin arrive to save the day.The wheels were coming off the Batman bus in this wackier than usual entry.Barbara Gordon and her alluring alter ego, Batgirl, are celebrating their Golden Anniversary this year (Note: We're going by the cover date of her first appearance in Detective Comics #359, which was January of 1967).To help steer the spotlight toward this spunky crimefighter in the spangly purple costume, we're taking a peek at Yvonne Craig's memorable Batgirl moments in the campy and appeared in a new opening credit sequence in cartoon form and in all 26 live-action technicolor episodes beginning on Sept. Craig's sexy Batgirl was a refreshing addition to the Dynamic Duo, playing the sassy librarian daughter of Commissioner Gordon, and was featured in a number of excellent episodes, thwarting the nefarious goals of many diabolical supervillains aboard her frilly purple Batgirlcycle. "And while Batgirl is an active type, she is also very feminine.

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Batman, Robin and Batgirl locate her headquarters in an old knitting factory where they're captured by the chick cops and placed in a kinky Siamese Human Knot rigged with explosives. Oh, and dont' forget about this episode's awesome army of bomb-carying mechanical mice.

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