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"That's pretty much where I'm at." This seems like a really generous thing to say to someone after seven weeks together, but it's not enough for Naughty Nick! "Well, I'm still scared of getting hurt," she says.

"I'm just so conscious about turning my life inside out for somebody," she says. We learn that she's in Brisbane because she once followed some other guy there, and she does NOT want to make that mistake again. "Developing a relationship with someone, I don't want it to be one-sided," she says. "Well then, I think we've got a problem," he says."The prospect of moving my life is not that daunting to me. I have done both and thus consider myself an expert on this matter. "I've said all I can," he tells her, exasperated. You have a lot of thinking to do because your headspace is a bit confused." wine-throwing brawl, this conflict just kind of simmers away for now.ALENE & SIMON They're still cute and perfect and enjoying the rooftop sunset dinner he's planned for them. He's hired Rai Thistlethwayte from Thirsty Merc to serenade them while they dance! "He told me he's on the way to being in love with me!Well, it's really only dramatic for a select few, but let's give them all a fair shake. SEAN & SUSAN After the hot air balloon ride, Sean takes Susan horseback riding to convince her that she truly can become a horsewoman."I might have the right guy but not the right lifestyle because your lifestyle is so completely different in almost every single, possible way," a distressed Susan tells a distressed Sean, before adding to us, "I know that I said I would move for love, but his world is so different to anything I know." ANDY & VANESSA These two have moved on from skydiving to a scenic seaside picnic where Andy gives Vanessa some flowers.

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"For him to take the time to write all his feelings down on a piece of paper, it just shows me he's committed to the very end.

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