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independent the effect of reconstitution with cryopreserved thymocytes on thein vivoantibody response to sheep red blood cells aeromonas salmonicida dnp-klh in adult long term thymectomised rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) fish shellfish immunology gender poverty the intra-household distribution of resources review of income wealth the price elasticity of housing demand in britain issues of sample selection journal of housing economics complications during recovery from anaesthesia in the equine patient equine veterinary education the height distribution of non-thermal x-ray sources in impulsive solar flares astronomy astrophysics on determining flare beam parameters from loop-top hard x-ray sources astrophysical letters communications how bank managers make lending decisions to small firms in blackburn r jennings p (eds ) small firms contributions to economic regeneration paul chapman london activitat musical a balaguer 1926-1935 in 75 anys d'història balaguer choral society lleida 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study to compare the precision of two different techniques annals of human biology bacterial toxins as novel antigen delivery systems livestock production science first measurement of the rate for the inclusive radiative penguin decay b→sγ physical review letters first observation of ≡c Ⅵ≡0e νe an estimate of the ≡c /≡c0 lifetime ratio physical review letters first observation of the decay ≡c →≡0e νe an estimate of the ≡c ≡c0 lifetime ratio physical review letters observation of b → ψπ decays physics letters b new decay modes of the λc charmed baryon physical review letters colonic adenocarcinoma associated ectopic acth secretion a case history european journal of cancer nucleotide predicted peptide sequence of feline interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) dna sequence the journal of dna sequencing mapping reduced vasodilator responses to noradrenaline correlates with decreased density of -adrenoceptor flurophore binding in the basilar artery from old wky rats methods finding in experimental 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bacon's certain considerations touching the plantation in ireland (160 book review 'coloured people' by henry louis gates jr london viking 1994 herald book review 'specters of marx the state of the debt the work of mourning the new international' by jacques derrida translated by peggy kamuf london routledge 1994 edinburgh review book review 'strong words brave deeds the poetry life times of thomas o'brien volunteer in the spanish civil war' edited by h gustav klaus dublin the o'brien press 1994 history ireland book review 'the kilcolman notebook' by robert welch dingle co kerry brandon press 1994 spenser newsletter book review 'to the death amic' by john bryson london hamish hamilton 1995 herald britannia major writing unionist identity in hill t hughes w (eds ) contemporary writing national identity sulis press bath 46-53 the empire writes back book review 'colonial discourse post-colonial theory a reader' edited introduced by patrick williams laura chrisman brighton harvester 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amplifier cascade electronics letters incidence of pressure sores in geriatric long-term hospital care journal of tissue viability mesophase order of a new smectic paramagnetic copper complex detected by epr liquid crystals (γ 2n) reaction in 12c physical review c confocal microscopy for structure realtime pharmacology in blood vessels journal of human hypertension the relationship between the adrenoceptor nonadrenoceptor-mediated effects of imidazoline- imidazole-containing compounds annals of the new york academy of sciences viewing adrenoceptors urquhart interim evaluation of the wester hailes partnership project report scottish office central research unit edinburgh gibbons's solo songs reconsidered chelys positive negative roles for cdc10 in cell cycle gene expression nucleic acids research the cost of rheumatoid arthritis discussion paper personal social services research unit kent competitive tendering in uk health local authorities what happens to the quality of services?the continuing professional education of accountants scottish journal of adult continuing education epithelial tumour cells in the lungs of sheep with pulmonary adenomatosis are major sites of replication for jaagsiekte retrovirus journal of general virology forgotten founder the poetry of muriel stuart pen international hogg's justified sinner robin jenkin's just duffy studies in hogg his world introduction to just duffy in just duffy canongate books edinburgh v-xi late starters early finishers the predicament of women writers cencrastus poetry scottish literary journal poetry 1900-1992 scottish literary journal with predestination in their smiles calvinism narrative form in the prime of miss jean brodie english review the novels of neil m gunn laverock theatrum arbitri theatrical elements in the satyrica of petronius series mnemosyne bibliotheca classica batava supplementum 146 e j brill leiden the brand management of consumer products in greece – a comparison study of gender differences 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immunology management of chronic asthma in childhood in o'byrne p thompson n c (eds ) manual of asthma management w b saunders co london england core knowledge skills attitudes in child health for undergraduates archives of disease in childhood fluid mechanics of large blood vessels shaanxi people's press china characterization expression of multiple alternatively spliced transcripts of the goodpasture antigen gene region european journal of biochemistry phosphorylation of the goodpasture antigen by type a protein kinases journal of biological chemistry do ace-inhibitors improve insulin sensitivity lancet british dock workers the second world war the limits of social change scottish labour history the postwar political consensus industrial unrest in the docks 1945–55 twentieth-century british history "der goldesel ist unser regierungschef" martin schleker's response to the political ethical effects of german unification in durrani o good c hilliard k (eds ) new germany literature 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detoxification of bacterial toxins a new approach to vaccine development international archives of allergy immunology phonological codes are automatically activated during reading evidence from an eye movement priming paradigm psychological science the acquisitions of crofts scottish law gazette certificate of titles - legal context journal of the law society of scotland 'certificate of titles - legal context' journal of the law society of scotland coal mining enquiries journal of the law society of scotland the feudal system - going going gone juridical review grabbing the proceeds of sale of the matrimonial home family law bulletin grabbing the proceeds of sale of the family home family law bulletin negligence securities the expanding duty of care journal of the law society of scotland the requirements of writing (scotland) act 1995 juridical review rescission of missives property law bulletin a devonian auriferous hot spring system rhynie scotland journal of the geological society a 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pattern generator for 100 gbit/s networks electronics letters investigation of the effects of multiple mutations on the binding of the d2 dopamine receptor’ in 23rd meeting of febs basel switzerland 1995 pharmacological characterisation of met-enkaphalin-arg6-phe7-mel binding to opioid receptors in guinea pig brain membrane preparations in 2nd international conferences of the hungarian biochemical society szeged hungary 1995 (unpublished) enhanced expression of endothelin-1 gene may cause blood pressure independent vascular hypertrophy in fourth international conference on endothelin london uk 23- s5-s8 deoxycorticosterone acetate plus salt induces overexpression of vascular endothelin-1 severe vascular hypertrophy in spontaneously hypertensive rats hypertension endothelin-1 gene expression vascular hypertrophy in doca-salt hypertension compared to spontaneously hypertensive rats clinical experimental pharmacology physiology eta etb receptors on vascular smooth muscle cells from 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engineering systems innovations applications (galesia 9 fragments of naval inventories from the athenian agora hesperia prevention of coronary heart disease with pravastatin in men with hypercholesterolemia new england journal of medicine boxing gomer controlling the deviant woman in hosea 1-3 in brenenr a (ed ) a feminist companion to the latter prophets sheffield academic press 'a modest examination' john arbuthnot the scottish newtonians journal for eighteenth-century studies methodism george cheyne's "more enlightening principles" in porter r (ed ) medicine in the enlightenment series the wellcome institute series in the history of medicine rodopi amsterdam 316-335 scale-space recognition based on the retino-cortical transform in fifth international conference on image processing its applications edinburgh 4-6 july 1995 ieee 217-221 ship steering control by neural networks trained using feedback linearization control laws in ifac/imacs international workshop on artificial intelligence in real-time control bled slovenia 1995 269-274 simulation of artificial neural networks for ship steering control in 2nd conference of the uk simulation society (ukss '9 differences between stereopsis with isoluminant isochromatic stimuli journal of the optical society of america renart's dynasty generation structuring in 'renart empereur' reinardus yearbook of the international reynard society for the study of beast epic fable fabliau pcr strategies for isolation of the 5' end of an immunoglobulin-encoding bovine cdna gene molecular characterization of bovine v lambda regions journal of immunology applying formal methods to standard development the open distributed processing experience computer standards interfaces uace(s) response to shefc circular 53/94 continuing education scottish journal of adult continuing education gc/ms analysis of [2h5]phenylalanine at very low enrichment measurement of protein synthesis in health disease journal of mass spectrometry parents adolescent smoking journal of the institute of health education the language of the ellesmere manuscript in stevens m woodward d (eds ) the ellesmere chaucer essays in interpretation huntington library 69-85 metamemory distinctiveness event-related brain potentials in face recognition memory cognition health perceptions of the local environment in socially contrasting neighbourhoods in glasgow health place lipschitz2 a new version of an old principle bulletin of the london mathematical society tracking poles representing hankel operators the nehari problem linear algebra its applications a discrete variation on kronecker's theorem linear algebra its applications the 'gated-diode' configuration in mosfet's a sensitive tool for characterizing hot-carrier degradation ieee transactions on electron devices herpes simplex virus latent infection in the nervous system journal of neurovirology doubly resonant optical parametric oscillator formed by index matching cavity mirrors directly onto an 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letters infection of cultured rat enterocytes by ileal symbiont intracellularis depends on host cell function actin polymerisation veterinary microbiology effects of chronic norepinephrine administration on cardiac function in rats journal of cardiovascular pharmacology examining the relationship between length of stay readmission rates for selected diagnoses in scottish hospitals mathematical medicine biology genetic algorithm based techniques for design automation of three-term fuzzy systems in ifsa '95 sixth international fuzzy systems association world congress brazil 22- 261-264 macroeconomics modelling on uk gdp growth by neural computing in ifac/ifip/ifors/sedc symp modelling control of national regional economies gold coast australia 2-5 july 1995 automation of linear nonlinear control systems design by evolutionary compuatation in 1st ifac youth automation conference beijing china 22- 53-58 graph reversal the design of parallel control signal processing architectures international journal of control performance based linear control system design by genetic evolution with simulated annealing in 34th ieee conference on decision control new orleans la 13- 731-736 (doi 10 1109/cdc 1995 479066 the practice nurse in coronary heart disease screening fitting the role nursing standard screening for codon 249 p53 mutation in lung cancer associated with domestic radon exposure lancet biological genetic characterization of tnphoa mutants of salmonella typhimurium tml in the context of gastroenteritis infection immunity review of s hollis anglo-saxon women the church sharing a common fate parergon a numerical simulation of steady flow in a 2-d collapsible channel journal of fluids structures long-run exchange rate modeling a survey of the recent evidence imf staff papers stock prices dividends retention long-run relationships short-run dynamics journal of empirical finance probing nn correlations with real photons in conference on perspectives in nuclear physics at intermediate energies trieste italy 8- 270-285 access at goldsmiths’ anthropology in action renal artery stenosis managed by palmaz stent insertion technical clinical outcome journal of hypertension transluminal vascular stents for ostial atherosclerotic renal-artery stenosis lancet unconventional conceptions hiv aids care the public understanding of science or the scientific understanding of the public?a review of the social context of the 'new genetics' public understanding of science housing area regeneration project report joseph rowntree foundation housing research making the connections urban studies home nebuliser use in children with asthma in two scottish health board areas scottish medical journal pregnant or ill?

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' death as the ultimate challenge to christian hope in junker-kenny m (ed ) christian resources of hope series trinity college dublin studies in theology columba press dublin ireland 115-130 friedrich schleiermacher in niewöhner f (ed ) klassiker der religionsphilosophie von platon bis kierkegaard c h beck munich germany 285-299 har den kristna kyrkan en framtid?

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