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Since then, more than 750 rock shelters have been identified.The Bhimbetka group contains 243 of these, while the Lakha Juar group nearby has 178 shelters.

The colors used by the cave dwellers were prepared by combining manganese, hematite and wooden coal.

Robert Bednarik describes the prehistoric Auditorium cave as one with a "cathedral-like" atmosphere, with "its Gothic arches and soaring spaces".

Its plan resembles a "right-angled cross" with four of its branches aligned to the four cardinal directions. At the end of this eastern passage, at the cave's entrance, is a boulder with a near-vertical panel that is distinctive, one visible from distance and all directions.

In addition to animals there are human figures and hunting scenes, giving a clear picture of the weapons they used: barbed spears, pointed sticks, bows and arrows.

The depiction of communal dances, birds, musical instruments, mothers and children, pregnant women, men carrying dead animals, drinking and burials appear in rhythmic movement.

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