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Sometimes, when it comes to sex, you need to be ruthless. ” The conversation went on from there with me reassuring her that everything she wanted was totally acceptable. Meanwhile, Matthew had a date scheduled with a new woman, someone we both knew. There to be a tension between selfishness and caring, between using and pleasing your partner.” Do you know what this means? I don’t have to be on a date myself, I can be doing my own thing, hanging with my daughter or a friend, or enjoying some alone time. Whenever I start to feel jealousy or possessiveness creep in, I remind myself that my partner is not an object. He deserves as much happiness and exploration as I desire for myself. Last weekend, I took my daughter on a retreat four hours north of St. We spent the time frolicking in a tiny village, creating art, making music and friends. A sampling of the MANY interesting points brought up in this book: – “Sexual excitement requires that we momentarily become selfish. Time and again, after each of these encounters, he would make me feel special and secure in our relationship. Nowadays, I can sleep fine when he’s out on a date. I hope you’re imagining group sex with your parents right now. I just want someone to hang out with, experience some culture, have some drinks, and have sex with no guilt, no drama and no real expectations. I figured you might know where to look.” To which I replied, “Sounds perfect. As the story would flesh out, I would cautiously relax, but still be slightly wary. He’s such a nice guy, he tries so hard to cater to her wants and needs, yet she treats him like an annoying puppy? She approached us about it, asking how it all works. With her last boyfriend, she told him she was okay with him being with other women, as long as he let her know about it. You need to let go and stop worrying so much about every little move and just focus on the pleasure. – The difference between guilt and shame: “Guilt involves beliefs that we are hurting others, while shame involves beliefs that we’re exposed and unworthy in the eyes of others.” – “When people are aggressive or cruel in their sexual daydreams or practices, it is not because they are primarily sadistic but because they are trying to solve a problem.” – Have you ever known a woman who is really bitchy toward her male partner? I asked her if she had a preference as far as type of person. She was in transition and wanted to find out what polyamory was all about. In 2017, I went to Iceland, New York, Kansas City, Indiana, Virginia, Rhode Island, Florida – and I even went crazy a few times! One of my goals is to get out of St Louis once a month for a change of scenery.

Well, I finally dusted it off and read it, and it blew my mind, and I’ve been recommending it to people left and right ever since. That is a major factor in my choosing to see women for anything more than a platonic connection. At the beginning of our relationship, when my partner Matthew would go on a date, I would lie in bed, heart pounding, unable to sleep until he called me when the date was over.

Here is the list in its entirety – I replaced about ten of them. 🙁 The last time we had a power nooner, he stood up and dressed, and I did my usual “Lady of Leisure” routine of pulling the covers up over me.

If I’ve featured one in a post, I will link it to that post. “Oh no you don’t,” he said, tucking his shirt in and buckling his belt. You have to go to the store, so you’re leaving with me.” I whined, I fussed, but he dragged me out of bed (literally – by the ankle) and I stumbled to the bathroom to check the damage. I started brushing my hair and touching up my makeup, but he came up behind me and announced, “You have four minutes, and then you’re going out the door. “There,” he said, kissing me on the forehead, “Now go be productive, My Love.” I hope I got the pecker tracks off my cheek!

Find safe spaces to bring them to light and address all the fascinating layers that make you the person you are.

Paul Gilmartin of the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast always says, “All feelings are valid, there are just healthy and unhealthy ways of expressing it.” Don’t bury or suppress your feelings.

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I don’t care if you are someone I’ve been fucking with for years, or are brand new and exciting. Is this what men imagine their cock shot looks like? I’ll be right in the middle of my day, getting shit done and on a roll, and then he picks me up and shakes me like a snow globe I inevitably curl up in the soft blankies, all disheveled and exhausted and ready for a nap!

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