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Most ladyboys will be honest and also let you know whether they still have a penis or not.

Otherwise, be aware that a penis can be hidden away quite easily, so that “chicks with dicks” can wear sexy tight dresses and jeans without revealing their sexual identity.

At least from a distance, ladyboys are arguably among the most attractive “women” you will come across in Pattaya.

Tall and leggy as supermodels and with perfectly-shaped silicone boobs, they’re often more beautiful than the “real thing”.

Although not specifically designated to ladyboys, especially the areas of Soi 6, Walking Street, or Pattaya Beach Road after sunset, attract a disproportionally large number of ladyboy sex workers.

Pattaya ladyboys who do not work as prostitutes (often to re-pay a costly sex reassignment) usually work in traditionally feminine occupations like hairstylists in beauty salons, shop vendors or waitresses; while more talented may seek a job as show dancer in one of Pattaya’s world-famous transvestite cabaret theatres.

Thanks to the tolerant nature of Buddhist culture, ladyboys – just like gays – are far more visible and accepted in Thai society than transvestites or transsexuals in Western countries.

While the phenomenon isn’t restricted to urban areas and you can come across a ladyboy in virtually any small village in the countryside, tourist places like Pattaya or Bangkok – worldwide (in)famous for their raunchy nightlife – certainly attract an unusually large number of Thailand’s unique “women of the second category”.

On this page we’ll tell you all you need to know about Funtown’s notorious ladyboys (LB’s), including how to spot a Pattaya ladyboy and where to meet ladyboys in Pattaya.Because of their sexual condition, many ladyboys are also said to be ready for sexual experiments that a “standard” Thai bar girl may dislike and object to, for example, anal play and other “less ordinary” sex practices.Many Pattaya ladyboys also have massive silicone breasts – an additional sexual stimulus most ordinarily-equipped Thai girls simply can’t offer.To start with: There are three types of ladyboys which represent three different stages of sex change: transvestites (men dressed up as women); she-males (“chicks with dicks” but silicone breasts); and so-called post-OP ladyboys who have undergone full gender reassignment and have a man-made vagina instead of a penis.Thailand has gained a reputation for medical tourism and cheap cosmetic surgery and gender reassignment.

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