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The acting, the music, the story will grab you like no other crime drama.I like Tom Shales of the Post's description: Epitafios" is as gripping as its murders are ghastly, a spiraling reverberant circle of horrors that keeps widening as the bodies pile up (more than two dozen killings by the time the series ends) and the killer's motives become clear, if perverse.It was written by Marcelo Slavich and Walter Slavich and directed by Alberto Lecchi and Jorge Nisco.The series debuted in Australia on SBS in May 2007 under the title If The Dead Could Speak.

A second season of the series - this one's tagline being: El Final Ahora Tiene Dos Caras ... To add a further twist to this whodunit (although it has many elements of a whydunit), Márquez and Santini are on-again, off-again lovers.In the second half of the series, Renzo is aided by a homicide detective, Marina Segal (portrayed by Cecilia Roth), who herself is eventually held hostage by Costas.See full summary » This films tells the true story of seven teenagers who agitated for reduced student bus fares under two different regimes in Argentina, with tragic results. See full summary » With Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as background, Mandrake works in the city as a lawyer that solves most cases in an unorthodox way.He is a passionate man who admires and loves women. See full summary » A teacher took as hostage 4 students so the school authorities would listen to his demands.

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Bruno Costas (played by Antonio Birabent) seeks revenge on the people involved in the death of four high-school students during a hostage situation gone bad, five years before.

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