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However, there is a Legal Separation Action that is often confused with being legally separated. irreconcilable differences, the final divorce can be granted by a judge after the expiration of the mandatory waiting period.

If no children are involved, then a divorce can be granted after sixty (60) days.

Finally, if you have an angry spouse, be prepared to pay a lot of money in attorney’s fees!

A bitter spouse can vindictively spend all the assets of the marital estate in attorney’s fees.

Other divorce attorneys tend to over-litigate cases, meaning that they will incur significant attorney fees when the facts of the case do not justify high attorney fees.

No matter how good your attorney is, if the other side’s attorney is not cooperating or doesn’t seem to be working toward an amicable resolution of the case, the cost of divorce will be considerable.

The judge assigned to the case can make short shrift of divorce cases with little to no assets when one spouse insists on fighting.

Signing a Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA) in an uncontested divorce is a waiver of service of process.In fact, many people find this time convenient for changing their names.Make sure that you tell your Tennessee divorce lawyer that you want your previous name restored prior to finalizing your divorce.There are three main things to consider when calculating how much your divorce will cost: 1) your spouse’s attorney, 2) the judge appointed to your case, and 3) your spouse’s reaction to the divorce process.The cost of divorce in Tennessee can vary considerably based on the above factors.

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If a divorcing couple has minor children, a divorce can be granted after ninety (90) days.

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