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They raped her – they gang-raped her, holding her in the fields for two days – on the way to Phnom Penh, right after smuggling her through the border.Then, they locked her in one of the bamboo shacks, at Kilometer Eleven. “I was still bleeding after what they did to me”, she said. The marks were visible, and there were other syndromes clearly there, too. But before that night arrived, we had to part with the girls.

Ten years ago, there were so few cars that the joke was: nobody knew on which side of the road people were supposed to drive: on the left like in Thailand, or on the right like in Vietnam?We pulled forces and began a smear campaign against the State, which was basically acting as a pimp, even jailer, instead of as the protector of the most vulnerable and defenseless.One day I hooked up with a Khmer-born Reuters reporter, we grabbed a car and ‘infiltrated’ the place, with small cameras, recorders and notepads.It was the Southeast Asian center of sexual slavery, a place where rape was institutionalized.It was a town of filthy shacks, serving as sex parlors that mainly offered young children and minors, to ageing, pot-bellied European sexual tourists.

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